Service Price List

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Full Service Price List:

All of our dedicated Services are unmanaged which is why we offer them at such low prices, below are the additional cost for datacenter level Services.

Service Time Frame Price
Website Install and Configuration 48 Hours $75.00 USD
Install cPanel/WHM Website Management Panel on Server.
This option has additional configuration features.
24 Hours $125.00 USD
Install/Configure TcAdmin Game Panel 24 Hours $125.99 USD
Re-Install Teamspeak on a private VPS 24 Hours $25.99 USD
Website Mod install and set up 24 Hours $25.99 USD
Self Managed Billable Services Price
Remote Reboot (power-cycle, no console activity) Free
IP-KVM Hookup (ColoCrossing provided IP-KVM) $25 + $10/Hr
OS Install –CentOS, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Fedora, Win-2008/2012 $40
Bandwidth Overages $.25/GB or 1.25x Committed Rate
Late Cancelation (less than 6 days notice) $75 per machine/colo + Service Used
Remote Hands (Everything not covered above) $125/Hr per 15 min