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The team was originally established under the name of iBoT Gaming on 14th July 2010. iBoT Gaming was launched by Toupi and Niizer as an Unreal Tournament 2014 clan. Due to the decreasing activity on the game Toupi and Niizer decided to start playing other games under the name of iBoT Gaming. At one point iBoT Gaming was nothing more than a group of friends playing a variety of games,

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Team Stealth was founded by =TS=Crosshair2, We are a multinational group with a common interest in online real time combat gaming. TeamStealth s an active information center, we currently design and publish custom and commercial Invision Power Board Themes as well as custom banners and graphics. TeamStealth is also the founding Community of FPSHostingLLC.

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I am B4NDIT and I am the Founder of the “Canadian Clan”. I started our Gaming Clan in October of 2012 and since then our Clan has grown to what it is today. We have been very successful in recruiting Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 Gamers from all over the world,however the majority of our current Clan Members are from North America.

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We are a dedicated stream team comprised of some of the most unique and talented gamers in the world. You don't necessarily have to be a Pro Gamer to join us. If you have an amazing personality, are dedicated to the team, and knowledgeable about the gaming industry, we would like to hear from you! To fill out an Application, send email to