Who are we and what do we do?

Members of a multi-national gaming comunity Teamstealth, we grew tired of the lack of support we were getting from our Game Server and Web server hosts. Realising the combined knowledge we had meant we could do a better job ourselves. We decided to go it alone, running our own servers, and web hosting soon followed. Very soon the gaming clans, who were playing on our servers, impressed with our set up, started to come to us for advice and support. We started to host for some of them and so Web 'n' Game was born. Our whole company ethos is built round supporting our customers, no job is too big or too small, we are always available to you, when you need us, not just during working hours.

Steve Wilks

Managing Director

Steve has over 30 years experience as an IT Professional/Engineer, who is responsible for creating our stable infrustructure, splicing together the best systems available, that allows us to boast our 95% uptime. When he is not busy planning the implementation of future improvements to our systems, he can often be found with his sleeves rolled up helping out on the support desk.


Support Manager

"TALON" is a very recent addition to our team, He is a custom Computer builder and Microsoft OEM specialist.He has been doing Tech support and remote assistance since late 1990s He has years of experience running game servers and websites for the various communities he has been involved in, and with his commitment to customer service has already prooved himself to an invaluable asset.

Our Values


We Provide the best possible service and support with Overall satisfaction as our main goal.


Using the latest Server Hardware We guarantee your service will perform at it's best .


Our servers are monitored 24/7/365 uptime is 99.9% guaranteed.


With Web 'n' Game you get what we promise and more this is the excellence that sets us apart.


Security is evolving and changing on a daily basis. We are constantly not just keeping up with all security concerns we resolve them.


Our webhosting packages are loaded with custom features such as website builder, cloudflare and many other usefull tools.

Our Location